Our Guiding Principles

Customer orientation

One of our top priority goals is to contribute to a success of our clients. The principle of customer orientation forms the foundation of all our work activities. The Management Board ensures that the ability to determine and enhance customer satisfaction is used as a potential for the Company's sustainable, successful development. We strive for sincere and cooperative relationships with our suppliers, customers, partners and employees:

  • We introduce all the new projects and customers to the work force
  • We implement direct communication where possible
  • We continuously improve our processes and products for better results


We provide optimal solutions and concepts for better results and cost reduction. Continuously ensure best quality combined with a compliance with delivery schedules.

We create opportunities for self-development, which means advancement for our company as a whole and for every member of it in particular.

We continuously identify our risks in all areas of the Company. After assessing the hazards, appropriate actions are taken in order to avoid or minimize them.

Solution-oriented approach

We motivate our employees to participate in the realization of our corporate policy as partners. Our people contribute to the solution-oriented approach through their competence, professionalism and sense of responsibility. The same applies to sincere and cooperative relationships with our trusted suppliers.

We act goal-oriented.

Clear decisions

We make clear decisions providing our employees with a firm orientation and strategy combined with an adequate scope, needed to achieve the set targets on the basis of self-reliance:

  • We make transparent decisions
  • We are all committed to the success of our company
  • We motivate our employees to participate in their implementation
  • We pursue our decisions as a part of a continuous improvement process
  • We involve our employees and customers in the decision-making process

Motivated Employees

Our employees play a crucial role in the realization of the Company Policy because they make an important contribution to the fulfillment of the corporate goals with dedication and competence. Creative and qualified effort of all our employees ensures compliance with the highest safety standards in order to achieve at any time maximum performance and the best outcomes at a minimum expense.

Only together we can succeed in generating of long-term profits that can be invested in the future of the Company and thus in our employees:

  • We encourage personal initiative, feedback and responsibility
  • We excel through a collaborative leadership style
  • We ensure safe and healthy work environment
  • We make transparent decisions, openly communicate and implement them
  • We provide general support in dealing with everyday issues
  • We provide regular personal meetings in order to agree realistic common objectives
  • We ensure continuing development of skills and competencies
  • We respect the personal dignity, privacy and rights of each individual