Belt Pulleys

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One of SIGMA’s specialties is design and manufacturing of belt pulleys up to 2.500 mm diameter for bulk materials handling equipment.

Our SIGMA- belt pulleys find worldwide application and are successfully used under extreme conditions in different bulk materials handling areas, such as mining and power plants, port handling and building materials industry, transshipment and transport services.

Design and calculation of all belt pulleys with help of the SIGMA-GT-Suite software is based on the actual loads to which they will be exposed. The design of belt pulleys for use in high-stress applications is being verified by FEM calculation.

Convincing arguments for belt pulleys from SIGMA

All belt pulleys are computed using our in-house calculation program; special high loaded pulleys are additionally checked by finite element method. Shafts are designed for fatigue strength according DIN 743. Special high loaded belt pulleys are stress-relieved after welding.

All belt pulleys are statically balanced to grade Q40 DIN ISO 1940-1, pulleys for specific locations can be dynamically balanced to grade Q6,3.

According to the customer requirements we offer various construction forms, either with taper lock assembly or as a fully welded construction.

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All belt pulleys are designed based on the actual loads to which they will be exposed. The design of belt pulleys for use in high-stress applications is verified by FEM calculation.

We use 2-D and 3D-Systems for the design and engineering.

For heavy duty pulleys the lagging will be hot vulcanized in an autoclave, rubber and ceramics in rubber possible.


Every belt pulley is designed and manufactured according to the special requirements and further application area.

We manufacture belt pulleys with different pulley bearings, such as pedestal bearings, slide or insert bearings or belt pulleys with internal bearing. We also offer a range of suitable seals.  

We offer a big variety of rubber linings in various thicknesses and harnesses. Hot and cold vulcanized pulley linings combined with suitable profile. Ceramic linings with rubber as substrate material, ceramics directly applied or ATEX are possible.

We also offer belt pulleys in a low-magnetizable construction for magnetic separator.

All weld seams are 100% inspected. We guarantee the highest quality and safety because of permanent quality control from material purchase to delivery.


The range of our after sales services covers the entire life cycle of handling systems. As a manufacturer of opencast mining systems and machines, handling technology, processing equipment and stockyard facilities, we can proudly look back on many years of profound experience.

From consulting, maintenance and spare parts supply to performance enhancement, modernization and dismantling: we offer our customers all kinds of individual services required to operate their plants and equipment in an efficient and sustainable fashion.